Are Online Casinos Rigged?

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Now that you can play the casino game without showing up in any of the physical casino houses, there are claims that these online games are manipulated.  But the question is, are online casinos rigged in reality?

Before answering this question, let's talk about what you should know before enrolling in online casino games.


Thanks to technological developments, you no longer need to pay extra money merely to go to your favorite land-based casinos.

You can now place bets and play different casino games whenever and wherever you are. To participate, a stable internet connection is what you need to play these games without any hiccups.

But according to some claims, the architecture of online casino games prohibits you from winning substantial sums of money.

Due to this assertion, a new player might be hesitant to create an account to play at online casino gambling establishments for the first time. 

But can this be a trust issue since, in actual casinos where you can see everything that's happening, the computer clouds most of your decisions?

What You Must Know Before You Play Casino Online Game 

Know Before You Play

Like other online businesses, online casinos need to profit like other online industries. So, be aware that these online gambling sites follow a strategy to ensure the corporation makes a profit.

However, you might want to carefully read all the instructions before setting up an account with your favorite online casino.

Winning will be simple if you read all of the rules before playing a few games in a reputable casino.

The unavoidable fact is that certain casino gambling sites exist solely to lure and devour any prey that enters their premises. However, you can avoid these by only gambling in authorized casinos as they ensure fair play.

For instance, claims of cheating in card games are increasingly frequent, and doing so on purpose increases casino profits.

Again, the strange odds new players get during a poker game have occasionally caused players to question the online gambling industry.

The reason for this insistence is the frequency with which players lose money to specific online casinos.

Therefore, if you enjoy playing online casino games, you should accept the likelihood that you will lose. Instead of attempting to regain lost momentum at these times, take a break and re-strategize.

So it is evident that many people believe that online casinos are rigged because of their fear of losing money. 

However, it is generally preferable to bet a small percentage, especially if it is your first time.

If you frequently place smaller bets, the game will expand your imagination to include betting techniques for larger wagers. So to answer the question, are online casinos rigged? 

The casino is Rigged: Is this Claim Accurate?

Yes, rigging is part of some online casinos' stunts to generate profits, but not all of them. But if a casino makes a disproportionate amount of money compared to the number of customers it serves, is it a sign of rigging?

No, keep in mind that casinos are games you play against a computer; to win, you must be smarter and logical. But you have to understand that most of the time, it's just plain luck. 

However, how can you tell if a website is a legitimate online casino? What are the signs of a rigged online casino?

What Are the Signs of a Rigged Online Casino?

Signs of a Rigged Online Casino

Even if you claim to understand how a physical casino works and how to outsmart the system, the online version is another case study.

Let's look into some things you need to check before betting online to stay away from online scammers.

  • It may be a clue that a game has been manipulated in some way if it frequently freezes. Notably, some online casino games may also freeze if they have hardware issues, software flaws, or even unapproved changes to the game files. However, if none of these are present, it is a call to watch your back.
  • If the online casino does not employ the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to decide the results of all moves and games, there is cause for concern. The RNG technology is secure and impartial; each time you place a bet, it generates random results. A rigged casino's engineers remove the RNG to remove any chance of winning.
  • The RTP of rigged online casino games is often so low that playing them is no longer worthwhile because winning is nearly impossible. Return to the Player or RTP indicates how much you gain from the amount you bet.
  • Again, casino games are rigged if customers cannot withdraw their winnings at all or not as promptly as they would want.  
  • If a player isn't physically present in the base nation of the casino, a rigged casino will not pay out any winnings.
  • An SSL-encrypted connection is not present in the rigged casino (Secure Sockets Layer). For the record, websites that don't use secure connections expose a user's personal information, bank credentials, and data. This alone can result in other cyber frauds.

How to Identify a Genuine Online Casino Gambling Industry

Identify a Genuine Online Casino

Investigate an online casino's reputation before signing up with it to be sure it is trustworthy.

Reading many professional reviews from unbiased, reliable online sources will inform you more about the website or program.

Both positive and negative reviews will notify you of all the drawbacks and advantages of the platform you want to use.

Legitimate casino platforms have logos or inscriptions of reputable organizations on their homepages.

But you may also have to visit the website of the agency you saw on the website to confirm that this casino is registered there.

Importantly, inquire about the casino's legality on the Internet if you are unfamiliar with the organization that verifies it. One of these groups is the eCOGRA.

It examines online casinos for dependability, honesty, and user accountability. There is no question about a casino's legitimacy if eCOGRA staff members frequently audit it.

This implies that you can play in this establishment without worrying about its integrity and dependability.

Again, cryptocurrency and blockchain on online casino websites are other essential factors. Blockchain technology integration is a terrific approach to recognizing a reliable online gaming platform.

Blockchain-based online gambling platforms and their decentralized network-based games ensure that no one can rig the results of bets. Results are 100% assured because there is no way to change transactions once they are on the chain.

So, you could play on websites incorporating blockchain technology if you want to avoid problem gambling. Ensure to verify if the online casino has a legitimate official gambling license.

On the other hand, if an online casino game site doesn't have a gambling license, it doesn't necessarily mean it's among online fraudsters. But the chances of a fair game are questionable.

There is always a thorough inspection by the regulators issuing this license. This is to guarantee that you are playing in a secure casino. Online casinos that are regulated and licensed are trustworthy and secure. 

What Does an Online Licence Provide?

Online Licence Provide

It aids some governmental organizations in regulating online gambling and tracking down "rogue casinos." With the help of official regulation, authorities can monitor websites, represent players in court, and levy fines against gaming companies.

These official licenses enable the owners of these websites to purchase software from reputable vendors and provide dependable payment options for their customers.

As it permits a company to provide gambling services within a specific area, it keeps a legitimate and honest business operating.

Since online casinos with legitimate licenses are more respectable and deliver the best and safest experience for players, this will draw gamers.

Is Online Casino Worth Playing? 

Yes, it is worth it. With the help of some modern tools, the phrase: "are online casinos rigged?" will soon be irrelevant.

One contributing factor is the emergence of the blockchain and crypto, causing a substantial shift in online gambling operations.

The fact that many casinos with the highest RTP rates also take bitcoins makes this situation even better.

Transactions can be processed instantly in casinos without requiring clearance from a centralized body.

Furthermore, you won't have to divulge your personal information when using cryptocurrency with casinos.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency in Casinos 

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency in Casinos

Using cryptocurrency to bet in casinos has the following advantages:

1. Retains the Original Copy of Every Game Results and Transactions 

Due to the inherent security features of blockchain technology, it assures excellent security. A distributed ledger keeps track of every transaction and defines each cryptocurrency separately.

2. Makes the Identification Process Easier

The use of blockchain eliminates the need for gamblers to register on the gambling website, verify their identity, or supply any other information that could expose their personal information to risk.

When they play online casino games, they don't have to worry about keeping their financial information or personal information secure.

3. Eliminates Phishing and Intermediaries

It reduces the possibility of duplicate payments and phishing. Also, with digital currency, you pay an additional cost or require a central authority to verify any transaction.

4. Protects You From Credit Score Issues With Banks

It ensures your credit score or loan eligibility is not hurt. You won't see any cryptocurrency transactions on your bank statement. 

5. Guarantees a Fair Gaming Experience 

A crypto casino is fair because of the blockchain. Players will instantly get notifications if anything strange occurs. Additionally, you can deposit money into your online casino account without delays.

6. It enhances Gaming Security Measures

Safety and security are priorities in Online slots. Due to their transparency, crypto casinos make it challenging to keep any information secret.

Since all odds are clear-cut and real, players can quickly identify any fraudulent activity.


Inexperienced players and professionals often lose money at casinos. But if you do your research, you might be able to spot rigged games in online casinos straight away to avoid a gambling problem.

Verify any necessary permits, read casino reviews from reputable sources, and consider some of the indicators mentioned in this article before you start playing.

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